• The logo for 427 ADSL was designed by Ruth Brunner Strosser.

    An explanation in the artist’s words follows:
    “The tree reflects inner strength, the single leaf the spirit of your loved one,
    the rainbow hope and peace, and the Flight 427 root the basis of this tragedy.”

  • Photographs within these pages were taken by Patrick Dean, Jennifer Morris, and Alice Grasso Hlista.
  • The contents of these pages were originally developed by Jennifer Morris in loving memory of her husband Chadwick Morris and the other 131 passengers and crew on USAir Flight 427.
  • These pages are currently maintained and updated by Jessica E. Grasso, in memory of her father Leonard C. Grasso, and all the passengers and crew of USAir Flight 427.

In Memoriam

On January 25, 2002, the Flight 427 Air Disaster Support League lost a great friend. The Reverend George R. Donnelly, a board member since the inception of the Support League, passed away. He was a counselor to many of us from very shortly after the crash, and led large support group meetings for about a year after the crash. He led most of our anniversary services and always had a word of hope and helped us see how strong we had grown as each year passed. He will be sadly missed by us all.