Family Assistance Act

One of the League’s goals early on was to establish the position of Family Advocate within the NTSB. The role of the Advocate would be to represent the unique needs of the grieving family members and airline crash survivors in the aftermath of an airline disaster. Our goal was to establish a third party, not connected with the airline, to sensitively notify family members in a timely fashion of the crash and to assist in the handling of sensitive family issues.

The 427 ADSL and the National Air Disaster Alliance worked together ­closely to develop a proposal to assist future victims of airline disasters. Under the leadership of PA Representative Bud Shuster, the House Committee on Transportation met on June 19, 1996, to discuss the “Families Bill”.

We are proud to report that on September 9, 1996, President Bill Clinton signed into law the Federal Family Assistance Plan for Aviation Disasters. The legislation can be viewed here (pdf – 129 KB).