Objectives & Points of Contact

Flight 427 Air Disaster Support League
311 Bodkin Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15226

Phone: (412) 388-0252

E-mail: dennispconnolly@verizon.net


The Flight 427 Air Disaster Support League, which consists of family and friends of victims of USAir Flight 427, was founded on January 20, 1995, with the following objectives:

  • Provide support and pertinent information to League members.
  • Serve victims and loved ones of other air disasters by providing support and information, either from League members’ own experiences or from other sources, to alleviate the grief of their experience.
  • Advocate, along with the National Air Disaster Alliance (NADA), air travel safety and educate the general public about issues concerning airline safety.
  • Provide opportunities to socialize and share success stories that allay the trauma experienced by all League members.
  • Provide to Government agencies and airlines, when appropriate, information that can help enhance the airlines’ procedures for dealing with victims of air disasters, particularly with family and friends of the deceased.

Board Members:

Information concerning the board members of the Flight 427 ADSL is available here.